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Welcome to ControlAV

This site documents the history and status of my own home theater system and whole house audio/video distribution and control system. You can read how I got to where I am, the way everything is configured, the mistakes I made, and equipment reviews. The goal is to help you learn from my successes and mistakes, and to share information. Check back regularly for updates (my goal is to post some new content each month at least but if you look closely you'll see I have been a slacker for several years now).

I recommend starting with the Overview, then maybe checking the Equipment reviews.

Recent-ish Updates

Feb 20,2007: Added Sonos Network Music Player Review

Dec 26,2004: Updated Overview and Story So Far sections with a few years worth of changes

Dec 20,2004: Added Viewsonic Airpanel 150p Review

June 11,2004: Added Roku HD1000 HDTV Media Player Review

May 5, 2004: Added Hughes HR10-DVR250 HDTV DirecTV Receiver with TiVo Review

For earlier updates, see the Site History page.

For more information about HD-DVD, see the HD-DVD FAQ.


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