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This details changes and improvements to the site. See the home page for the most recent updates.

Jul 6, 2002Added AudioTron review, updated XBox and Dell DAR pages
Jan 19, 2002Added XBox review
Jan 19, 2002Fixed broken ad links. Sorry for the lack of new stuff on the site, been very busy at work plus I had to rebuild my home network, including my IIS server.
Oct 20, 2001Updated DirecTivo review for dual-tuners and Story So Far page
Aug 4, 2001Added DirecTivo review and cinema chair story
Jul 11, 2001Added AstroShare download page
Jun 30, 2001Added MX-500 review, fixed broken links
Apr 16, 2001Updated TiVo and Help page for 2.01 software, improved main page
Mar 31, 2001Added remote code page for TC1000
Mar 27, 2001Added DTC100 review, .irm file for TC1000, sponsor links
Feb 18, 2001Help for video driver found, added video driver hell page, Top links on every page, renamed Hardware to Equipment
Feb 3, 2001Added Email apology, Pioneer Elite Pro review, Glossary items
Jan 23, 2001First proper pages, did reviews of DAR, AvRack and TiVo
Aug 15, 2000Site goes live, with lame home page


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