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Some things I just can't figure out. If you can help me, I'll be very grateful and post the replies here. Click here if you can help.

Philips Tivo and Sony TVs

Solved by TiVo - 2.01 software gave me code 0067 which worked

When my TiVo turned up I programmed its remote to control my Sony KV-32S35 without any problem. However I forgot to write down the code I used. Fast forward a year, and I get a second remote. No matter what code I try, I cannot get it to control any of my Sony TVs. I have three, they all use the same remote codes, and yet TiVo can't control them. It is possible I have a defective remote, but there is no easy way to tell that I know of.

Windows 2000 Video Drivers for BookPC

Solved by John Cunningham - see Intel 810 Video Drivers

Has anyone got a video driver for the BookPC that actually works? One that emits a signal on the s-video port? I have tried a range of drivers, and none have given me a TV option in the Control Panel. The only way I can get TV output at the moment is to boot the machine, quickly press F8 to get into the Options menu, then choose VGA Mode. I get TV output, but at 640x480x16 which is far fom ideal.


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