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AstroShare Utility

for Madrigal IRIQ / HK Take Control-1000

What Is AstroShare?

AstroShare is a utility to make it possible to import and export individual device files from the main data file that the PC software for these remotes use. This allows users to easily exchange device files with one another.

Its name derives from the project's codename at Microsoft, which was Astro.

This program is provided without any guarantees, expressed or implied. I hope you find it useful, I know I have.


You can download the .exe from here (click Save this program to disk when prompted). It is 217K.


You have a master file called either TC1000 Settings.irm or IRIQ Settings.irm depending on which model remote you have, henceforth referred to as settings.irm. You will find this in c:\program files\Take Control Editor or c:\program files\IRIQ Editor.
  • Be sure your remote is synchronized to the TC/IRIQ Editor
  • Always backup your settings.irm file before running
  • Start AstroShare.exe
  • File / Open your settings.irm file
  • Every device will be listed
  • To export a device: select it in the list and choose File / Export
  • To import a device: choose File / Import and select the file
  • Exit AstroShare, saving the new device collection
  • Start TC/IRIQ Editor and synchronize to your remote


There isn't any really. Please don't ask about the .IRM file format - the program only knows the structure (which is pretty obvious even with Notepad), it does not attempt to interpret the bytes of data that determine the remote codes themselves.


AstroShare supports a maximum of 15 devices (this is a hardware limitation of the remote).

Never run AstroShare at the same time as the Editor program.

This program is free, but should only be downloaded from this site and cannot be posted on any other site or included on any other distribution e.g. a CD.

You can get a few device files from here.


ControlAV is a trademark of Andy Pennell.