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Discrete Remote Codes for Madrigal IRIQ / HK TC-1000

What Are Discrete Codes?

Discrete IR codes are signals that do things a device's normal remote cannot, such as Power On. All remotes have a Power button, but it toggles the power on and off each time you press it. The classic example of a discrete code is something like "Power On", which does not toggle. Another example is when a TV cycles through Video 1 / Video 2 / TV inputs - many TVs have discrete codes to jump directly to a specific input.

Discrete codes are therefore very useful for building macros to control your system.

aka Astro

Astro was the codename at Microsoft for the device which became known as the Madrigal IRIQ and the Harman Kardon Take Control TC-1000. I was lucky enough to get on the beta program, so I got free prototype hardware in exchange for my customer feedback.

Using these Discrete Codes

You can use the AstroShare utility (get it here) to easily import these device files.

ControlAV Device Files

Device Codes Notes
Sony TV On, Off, Video1-3
Sony Receiver On, Off, TV/DBS Tested on my Sony STR-DA50ES
Sony VCR On, Off Tested on my Sony SLV-X821
Sony DVD On, Off Captured the output from my Slink-e, tested on my Sony DVP-S7700
Philips TiVo All No discrete codes, just saves you learning them all

Wanted Area

CCF Converter (or IRM Specification)

Ideally if there was a converter fom Pronto CCF files to IRM format all my woes would be solved. Discrete codes for the Pronto are all over the net (the best being Remote Central ) but the IRM data format seems to be a mystery.

Even Remote Central doesn't have discrete codes for the Pioneer's screen modes, which might mean they don't actually exist...

Pioneer SR Remote Specification

I've spend many fruitless hours scouring the web for the specification for Pioneer's SR Remote protocol, but to no avail. Unlike Sony's s-link it has no 3rd party support and no-one has reverse engineered it.

Additional Info

Remote Central

HK's TC-1000 page

Madrigal IRIQ site


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